Going Away, after 6 months we leave Rwanda w/ great memories

In our final weeks in Rwanda we spent time with my colleagues visiting various lakes. One of our favorites was a weekend near Musanze. We met up with the University of Rwanda’s Head of the Animal Production Department, Eric Hantungimana and his family and spent the weekend on Lake Ruhondo. It was an exceptionally scenic place, with the mountains that make up the Volcanoes National Park as a backdrop. The food was amazing, the scenery incredible and the company wonderful.

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Video of our weekend on Lake Ruhondo

Another great place to visit in Rwanda is Lake Kivu. Over the 6 months in Rwanda we saw the lake from many perspectives. Starting at the southern end of the Lake, we visited Rusizi (which used to be called Cyangugu) during our Easter break. In May we spent a wonderful weekend at a resort called Rwiza where we saw the swimming cows of Karongi (formerly known as Kibuye). Finally, we spent a number of days and nights at Rubavu (previously known as Gisenyi). This was about an hour from the Busogo campus (where I taught for three months).

It was in Rubavu in late June that my colleagues hosted a going away party for me. With boat rides in the lake, sambaza and tilapia for dinner and great company, it was an unforgettable evening. A true cultural experience at Tam Tam Beach, with the same exceptional hospitality my colleagues offered us over the course of the entire semester.



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Author: oxwoodfarm

I am a Fulbright Scholar spending 6.5 months in Rwanda at the University of Rwanda's College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. I am teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, assisting colleagues with research and grant writing, as well as participating in workshops and programs related to my expertise in animal agriculture and cattle. If you are interested in learning more about Rwanda from my perspective as a Fulbright Scholar I would be happy to answer questions. #Fulbright

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