Activities with the University of Rwanda

As the semester ended, I wanted to share what I did in summary in Rwanda. My primary work at the University of Rwanda (UR) included teaching 5 courses on 2 campuses (Busogo and Huye). These were some of my students at the end of the semester in Busogo, where I invited the class for a dinner of soda, brochettes, and fries. I also gave a few awards based on academic performance.

However, there were numerous other activities I was asked to participate in, which took me to 3 other campuses.  Ruberizi campus (on the outskirts of Kigali, near the airport) was the first campus I saw, and one where we had a number of meetings over the course of the semester.

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Another campus was the UR Headquarters where we would have meetings with the upper administration. This was also where the Business School is located,  sometimes called SFB (School of Business and Finance by the local taxi drivers).

In May at the UR headquarters, I was asked to participate in a 3 day meeting about Scientific Writing in Agriculture. As a workshop participant, it was fun to spend time with colleagues, sharing ideas and presenting in a professional development setting.

Finally my last full week of work was spent at the Nyagatare campus where all of Animal Science may be moving in the future, in the extreme Northeast part of the country. Here I helped my colleagues write a number of grants for future funding of research and outreach projects in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.

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Author: oxwoodfarm

I am a Fulbright Scholar spending 6.5 months in Rwanda at the University of Rwanda's College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. I am teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, assisting colleagues with research and grant writing, as well as participating in workshops and programs related to my expertise in animal agriculture and cattle. If you are interested in learning more about Rwanda from my perspective as a Fulbright Scholar I would be happy to answer questions. #Fulbright

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